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  • Web-based access for files
  • Explorer-like tree control
  • Ability to filter files by type
  • Automatically detect changes
  • Easy to install
  • ASP and PHP versions
  • Reliable, mature product
  • More than 1,000 copies sold!
Web File Browser only $21

Share Your Files

Do you need to share files with clients, colleagues, or friends? Web File Browser allows you to make your files available, without end users having to deal with FTP. You simply place the files on your Web server or hosting account, and end users can use an intuitive "browse" interface to see or get the files.

Web Archive Area

Do you want to set up an archive area for your Web site? Maybe you have old newsletters or photographs? Web File Browser provides a low-maintenance way to add an archive area to your Web site! Once set up, all you need do is copy the files into the "archive directory" and they will be available to your Web visitors.

Browse Your Files

Is managing files on your FTP area or Web hosting account a hassle? To clean up files, you must start an FTP session, copy the files to your computer, open the files, then go back to the FTP session to delete them. Why not set up Web File Browser to "browse" these FTP or Web hosting account files?

Web File Browser product features: