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Manage favorites, bookmarks, and links online. Favorites Manager is a server-side Web application that allows you to set up a Web-based bookmark organizer. Favorites Manager provides all the tools needed to create, edit, organize, import, and export links, favorites, or bookmarks.

Image showing Favorites Manager
  • Manage favorites, bookmarks, or links online
  • Supports multiple users, each with their own environment, or
  • Provides one environment for all users
  • Extensive browser support
  • Easy to install on hosting accounts
  • Everything you need: full source code, database, and all images

Individual users

You have favorites or bookmarks at work and at home. How often have you looked for a bookmark that's on another computer? Favorites Manager allows you to access bookmarks from anywhere: home, work, or even when visting friends or relatives.

Project Teams

Favorites Manager allows teams to share links. Favorites Manager is very popular with professional project teams, with schools, and with educators at all levels who want students or teams to collaborate and share the links as they work on projects.

Business Owners

Do you want to attract more customers or visitors? Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Web Hosting companies use Favorites Manager to attract customers. Web Portals use Favorites Manager to encourage visitors to come back time and time again.

Favorites Manager product features: